my name is James, I'm a Amateur Radio Operator holding a Extra Class license of K9APR. I run several digital repeaters. Most of the repeaters or located in Central and Eastern Indiana. Other things I like to do is chase and photograph storms and trains. I have been interested in weather for as long as I can remember. I'm a member of Wayne Co. and Henry Co. Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES). Other content will be added later.

K9APR Testing APRSdroid

K9APR-3 Linwood, IN APRS Digipeater W3, IN-n Madison Co.

K9APR-5 Greens Fork, IN APRS Digipeater W2, IN-n Wayne Co.

WE9MA-3 New Castle, IN APRS Digipeater W2, IN-n Henry Co.

WE9MA-4 Saratoga, IN APRS Digipeater W2, IN-n Randolph Co. Online spring 2016

K9APR-8 Mobile Communication Vehicle

WE9MA-1 Packet Node in New Castle, IN

WE9MA-7 KaNode Packet Node Greens Fork, IN.


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